Who Am I?

That question is so easily answered with roles I fill – mother, wife, spinner, weaver – but that doesn’t tell you who I am and the history of me that colours my words and my thoughts and my understanding.

I am a stay at home mom hoping to maybe bring in a little income with the things I create. I am recovering from a lot of self hate and the effects of an abusive situation that I left more than a decade ago. I am trained as a minister and trying to figure out what it really means to do ministry. I am still learning and still struggling and still wrestling with theology and culture where I fit in the body (and sometimes whether or I want to).

Sharing in this format is hard for me – trying to find a balance between wanting the feedback and getting too caught up in the attention. I want this to be a place where I can share and grow and not get swallowed up by my ego.


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